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Summer and cosmetics PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr. Bill Van Burkleo   
Wednesday, May 27 2015 12:33


 Well, summer is really here now. Because we are outside a lot more, we are at greater risk for injury or illness. Sunburn, scrapes bruises, and sore muscles are the usual complaints. There are also a lot of "varmints"out there that will try to get you; like ants, mosquitoes, wasps, chiggers, spiders,etc.
These nasty little creatures don't take prisoners. Use insect repellent and wash all insect bites with soap and water. If stung by a wasp or bee, scrape out the stinger. Don't try to squeeze it out . Put cold compresses on the sting area. If a person is allergic or shortness of breath occurs, take that person to the hospital at once.

Cosmetics users should be careful in selecting their makeup. Cosmetics can cause allergic  rash and even infection. Even though all cosmetics contain preservatives, they tend to lose effectiveness over time. When they do,harmful microbes can develop in the cosmetic. Mascara is the most sensitive to infection causing bacteria. Discard it after three months.
Throw away any oil-based makeup, cream, or liquid after six months or if its appearance or odor changes. Always be sure to wash your hands before applying oil-based makeup so you do not transfer bacteria from your hands to your eyes or lips. Lipstick and pressed powders last longest, from eight months to one year.
Don't add water, saliva, or any other substance to a cosmetic. You may introduce harmful bacteria. Never put any kind of makeup on cut, scraped, or irritated skin. Never use someone else's makeup. That person's bacteria will be in the cosmetic and you can develop infection from this bacteria.
Keep cosmetics out of reach of children. Only allow them to use makeup under adult supervision. Remember that when children play with cosmetics they tend to use more than the amount an adult would use. Children also tend to eat or drink anything they can get their hands on. In 1986 there were over 80,000 exposures to toxic substances in cosmetics. Over 86 percent of those poisonings occurred to children. In the worst example, a 2 year-old boy died after drinking fingernail polish remover and isopropyl alcohol

I may have told this story before. Well, figured it was worth telling again.
This guy named Joe was standing in his front yard and a couple of his friends drove up in a Jeep and said, "Joe, there's a flood coming! Get in and we'll drive you to safety." Joe just shook his head and said, "Nope, I'm trustin' in the Lord. He'll save me." Well, sure enough a flood came and Joe is looking at the water lap at his porch as a boat  motors casino close. "Hey Joe, the water is going to get higher! Get in and we'll take you to safety." "Naw!" Joe replied. "I'm trustin' in the Lord to save me." Well, now Joe is standing on his roof and the water is at his feet when along comes a helicopter. "Hey Joe, grab hold of the ladder and we will take you to safety." "NO!" Joe shouts. "I'm trustin' in the Lord. He will save me!"
Well,sure enough, the water got higher and Joe was swept away and drowned. Now, Joe is in heaven and standing in front of the Lord. "Gee, Lord," Joe said. "I trusted in You to save me. What happened?"
"Joe," said the Lord. "What do you want ? I sent you a Jeep, a boat, and a helicopter!"

The  melanoma is the cancer mole. IT is a disease of the young and middle-aged and is the second most prevalent cancer in males 30 - 49. It is the fourth most prevalent in males 50 - 59. Risk of melanoma is increased in individuals that have an inability to tan and those who have had extreme sun exposure in early adult years of 15 - 24. The warning signs of malignantmelanoma can be remembered by ABCDE...Asymmetry, Border  irregularity, Color, Diameter, and Elevation. The only way to tell for sure is to biopsy and look at the tissue under a microscope. If you have a suspicious "mole" see your doctor as soon as possible.

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